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     St'at'imckalh ~ Spirit of the People weaves personal interviews, ceremony and song into an experience the audience won’t forget. It explores the rich culture of the St’at’imc People and their spiritual relationship with their land.​

The magic of these wild landscapes and rugged mountain ranges is brought to life through time-lapses and stunning cinematography.


This film is a poetic expression of a people, their land and their struggle.Told with great symbolism and imagery, this story relates to all first nations in Canada.

We are not surviving anymore,

we are thriving as a people…

says “Kakla” Hereditary Chief Clarke Smith

61 minutes

Directed by Jeremy Williams


SHAW TV review

  "Strong bold voices of many sound united as one...

It's not just one voice that narrates the story, instead it's told by caretakers of the land.

  'Spirit of the People' conveys many insights and many messages...

  Gives historical context to issues facing first nations today..."

 ~ Rajie Kabli, SHAW TV

Spirit of the People

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